Leather Interiors


Added Luxury at a Lower Cost

Auto manufacturers like to stack the deck against you when you're wanting leather. It's often locked behind high-end packages for your vehicle like SLT, XLE, or Limited. Anyone who's been through the new car buying process knows the frustration.

If leather is important to you don’t go without it, but don’t overpay either!

Katzkin offers OEM quality leather seats that match your vehicle's interior for less money than you'd pay from the factory. Not only can we replace your cloth with leather, but you can design your own custom leather interior yourself.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable Material
  • Luxourious Comfort
  • Budget Friendly
  • Increased Resale Value

What are my options?

Katzkin interiors can be grouped in three basic design categories. Select your vehicle into our leather customizer to see all your available designs.

Factory Match

The seats will match the color and styling found in your vehicle's factory interior. This is typically a black, grey, or tan finish.

Factory Match Leather


These premade patterns were created by Katzkin designers to elevate your vehicle's styling. Most models have a small set of these designs to choose from.

Designer Leather


You're in complete control of the look of your interior. This includes stitch colors, perforations, two or tri-tone colors, and unique materials.

Custom Leather
Leather Interiors

Finished Transformations

Nothing impacts the look and feel of your interior more than new leather. Get a glimpse of aftermarket leather seats installed here in St. Louis, MO from our leather builds page on our blog, or hear what our customers think about their new seats on our testimonials page.


No, these are not slip-on seat covers. All cloth content is replaced (not covered) with Katzkin leather by a trained technician. That's why their kits are only available from preferred Katzkin installers (like us!).

Yes, the installation process does not disturb your seat's factory heating elements.

If you don't have heated seats it's easy for us to add heating elements during the leather install. You get a discount when bundling leather seats with heated seats.

Yes, a Katzkin interior is not just for new cars. It's a way to breathe new life into your daily driver or recent used car purchase. Get started on your custom leather design here and get it installed locally right here in St. Louis, MO.

Yes, wrinkles are a natural part of any leather install but they don't last long. A couple days in the sun's heat will make any wrinkle disappear. We heat up the leather after the installation to help speed up this process, but it still takes some time.

Once you order we'll schedule an installation appointment for your vehicle. Leather installations take more than a single day, so you'll need to drop off the vehicle. We have courtesy vehicles available if you need another vehicle during the installation.

For more information visit our installation services page.



Pay over time for repairs and installed accessories.

For 40 years and counting we’ve been helping dealers do business, and helping you elevate your driving experience. Whether it’s peace of mind, comfort, or style you crave, we’re here to improve your time behind the wheel. Start assembling your dream build today, on your own or with help from our expert staff.


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