2019 Kia Optima Blackout Package

2019 Kia Optima - Blackout Package

  • 2019 kia optima with custom blackout accessory package
  • 2019 kia optima with custom blackout accessory package with black powder coat wheels
  • 2019 kia optima with black powder coat wheels close up
  • 2019 kia optima with black vinyl roof wrap
  • 2019 kia optima with custom painted rear spoiler
  • 2019 kia optima withcustom painted rear spoiler 2
  • 2019 kia optima with custom painted rear spoiler close up

This Kia accessory package takes the Optima S to a whole new level with custom gloss black wheels and spoiler.

There’s always room to add a little kick into your new sedan. We took the Optima S (Starting MSRP $24,990) and added gloss black appearance products. The result gives it an appearance that’s just as good, if not better than the top tier Optima SX (Starting MSRP $31,990) for a fraction of the cost.

We started with a custom gloss black paint application on the factory spoiler to match the look of the Optima SX and its Sport Black Rear Spoiler. Then we took aim at the factory finish 18-inch alloy wheels, but instead of paint we went the more durable route—powder coat.

Powder Coating

The coating is applied with an electrostatic charge that attracts the powder to the grounded wheel. After the powder is applied it is cured in an oven. This forms a skin that is harder than conventional paint.

When choosing your powder coat finish we also give you the option of leaving the center caps unpainted so they retain their factory appearance. On this build we opted to paint the caps.

You can also reuse the factory lug nuts, like we did in this build, or get matching lugs. There’s rarely a bad choice when it comes to choosing your design. Black on black or black on chrome always work well together.

We finished the build off with some Carbon Series window tinting. This high quality window film won’t discolor over time and comes with an extended warranty. Visit the product page for more details.

We specialize in getting you the features and appearance products you want without paying top dollar for premium trim levels. Contact us when you’re ready to purchase your next vehicle and we’ll help you break the factory mold.


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